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Cordis Solutions is committed to helping customers release more value from their SAP and Microsoft investments

Truly integration between SAP and Microsoft

Our software enhances interoperability by combining the raw power of SAP with the simplicity of Microsoft, to access important information from across the enterprise. We empower clients to capture and use the data that drives their business forward.

As global partners of SAP and Microsoft, Cordis Solutions is a recognised provider of enterprise-class solutions that facilitate business transformation. We also hold the distinction of being the world’s only provider of packaged applications, services and support on the SAP Gateway for Microsoft. 

“Gateway for Microsoft (GWM) is the only official jointly supported platform for SAP/Microsoft productivity focused integration” – Ella Morgulis, Product Management SAP, Productivity Integration Hub, Gateway for Microsoft

Designed to help your business get the most from its SAP & Microsoft investments, Cordis Solutions products are unique in their use of the Gateway for Microsoft to simplify the user interface, data capture, business processes and reporting. Every Cordis product is founded on the principle of ‘easy’ – easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to manage. Intuitive software accelerates productivity and end user adoption, integrating line-of-business applications, and ensuring key data is captured quickly and efficiently.

Cordis Solutions myFIdoc provided us with an easy to use solution to address our core financial issues, providing Excel for data entry through SAP Gateway for Microsoft rather than native SAP allowed us to retain control but added functionality, this was the game changer.”

Malik Fayyaz

Corporate Finance, Nvidia

What is Interoperability?

A quick guide to interoperability and how it can benefit your business

As the world’s only supplier of packaged products using the SAP Gateway for Microsoft, Cordis Solutions know a thing or two about “Interoperability”. Here is our guide to interoperability and what it means to your business.

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Cordis and Excelerated Partnership

Cordis Solutions launches an application that consolidates all your SAP and Ariba Task

Launched to coincide with SAP Ariba Live in Madrid, Ramesh Varsani, co-founder of ExceleratedS2P and Cordis Solutions, will be presenting this new application and show what Ariba partners and customers can do with the new open API.

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