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Case Study



Discover how Nvidia resolved some of their month end processing headaches using SAP Gateway for Microsoft based myFIdoc from Cordis Solutions.

Month end finance processing can be a major headache for any multinational. As a global manufacturer of computer graphics hardware, Nvidia needed to enter journals for a variety of business reasons. But they also wanted better control compliance and user experience…

Discover how Cordis Solutions helped steel giant ArcelorMittal streamline their global mergers and acquisitions process.

ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest steel producer, making 98.1 million tonnes of crude steel during 2014. The Fortune 500 company is headquartered in Luxembourg, but operates plants and offices across the US and Europe. The ArcelorMittal team faced a double challenge. Their finance and IT business units were attempting to operate multiple systems running on a range of platforms spread across a number of international sites…

We are all human. Why every business is the sum of its people and their actions.

Many companies state one of their most important assets are their people, yet rarely do we see a company invest in making its employees working lives easy. Cordis Solutions bridges the gap between work-life balance providing a perfect synergy between employee’s and clients requirements…..




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