Modernisation of direct spend

Join our webinar on Wednesday 13 June 2018


Ramesh Varsani
Director and co-founder of Cordis Solutions

David Whiteley

Lead Consultant at ExceleratedS2P

Learn how your procurement and buying can be more responsive, take decisions more accurately and create better results. Introducing myInvoiceScan and myBuyersWorkBench - the products of a unique collaboration between Cordis Solutions and ExceleratedS2P.

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Time: BST 4 pm/ CET 5 pm /PT 8am/ ET 11 am/ CST 1Oam

MyBuyersWorkBench helps buyers understand and process “live” requisitions raised and assigned to them, without needing to log into an ERP system. Managers to gain a better understanding of the status of requisitions and proactively make corrections as required. 

myInvoiceScan a simple yet powerful application brings rogue invoices back into the source-to-pay process. It is designed to be used by non-technical staff who can capture invoices on any device and bring them into SAP.

  Some of the benefits:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Seamless “live” integration to SAP.
  • Automated routing, filtering, and presentation of key purchasing information to buyers.
  • Optimised for buyers to rapidly process requisitions individually and on masse.
  • Analyse information by drill-down, sort, and filter.
  • Identify trends & bottlenecks.
  • Monitor workflows.
  • Get rogue invoices into the source-to-pay process.
  • Integrated with back-end invoice processing systems.
  •  Cloud-based apps provide seamless workflow.

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