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what is interoperability

Buyers Workbench Application

Being a professional buyer can be a very stressful job. It is very hard to deal with numerous requisitions from multiple sources and with various priorities and still be able to keep track of all of them, not miss deadlines, and source from the best suppliers. The same holds true for supervisors and managers when trying to quantify their teams’ performances, to monitor any outstanding situations and to help their teams to meet the targets.

what is interoperability

What is Interoperability? 

As the world’s only supplier of packaged products using the SAP Gateway for Microsoft, Cordis Solutions know a thing or two about “interoperability”. Here is our guide to interoperability and what it means to your business.  

Open API

What is an API?

An API is a software intermediary that makes it possible for application programs to interact with each other and share data. It’s often an implementation of REST that exposes a specific software functionality while protecting the rest of the application.

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