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Solving SAP’s power vs. usability conundrum

When ERP and office systems are deployed in an organization, the predicted efficiency gains, and other advantages are usually not fully realized. Reasons for this occupy and pay the mortgages of technology consultants the world over, but there are methods that can be used to wring out the fullest benefits possible from expensive software rollouts.

Workflow Management Solutions

Cordis’s solutions place themselves uniquely, as a bridge across the gap between SAP and Microsoft (for this reason, we place it first on our list in the context of this piece), exploiting the inherent capabilities of both.

Cordis Solutions is committed to helping customers unlock more value from their SAP and Microsoft investments

True integration between SAP and Microsoft

Our software enhances interoperability by combining the raw power of SAP with the simplicity of Microsoft, to access important information from across the enterprise. We empower clients to capture and use the data that drives their business forward.

As global partners of SAP and Microsoft, Cordis Solutions is a recognised provider of enterprise-class solutions that facilitate business transformation. We also hold the distinction of being the world’s only provider of packaged applications, services and support on the SAP Gateway for Microsoft.

TOP 3 SAP Simplification Solutions

Cordis Solutions empowers businesses to unlock maximum value from the cost of deployment of both SAP and Microsoft.

Our suite of applications make

task management a breeze!








MyFIdoc as an application is not only intuitive and easy to use but has created a lot more time for our employees to work on many other tasks, thereby improving efficiency and productivity. So although, it was the first time I presented a change to my employees, it was very well accepted by all and without any disruption to existing business processes.”

Sebastian Stein, Senior International Accountant,1&1


Cordis Solutions myFIdoc provided us with an easy to use solution to address our core financial issues, providing Excel for data entry through SAP Gateway for Microsoft rather than native SAP allowed us to retain control but added functionality, this was the game changer.”

Malik Fayyaz, Corporate Finance, Nvidia

When implementing the myFIdoc application in our organization, the Cordis team were not only very knowledgeable and professional, but always went the extra mile in overcoming any obstacles during the course of the project

Sebastian Stein, Senior International Accountant. 1&1

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