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SAP Modernization Platform and Integration Options

It has been said that SAP has made it difficult for customers to understand their options when it comes to modernization of the User Interface. Fiori (SAP’s trademarked UI5 Interface) and Screen Personas both come into the modernization equation and it is difficult to see which is best suited to your business. modernization of the UI is not the same as Integration with Microsoft tools however.

Modernization and integration can be completed together by customers as part of the same set of requirements. Options exist to build modern SAP applications using Microsoft tools and SAP UI5 (Fiori) variants for the same application.

A partnership agreement between SAP and Microsoft has been in place for over 20 years with a view to improving SAP-Microsoft interoperability. The release of Duet in 2006, followed by Duet Enterprise and most recently Gateway for Microsoft have provided tools are proof of this commitment. Although there are numerous well-known third party solutions certified by SAP and others by certified by Microsoft, Gateway for Microsoft IS THE ONLY solution accredited by both SAP and Microsoft as a truly integrated platform.

The timeline guide below shows the milestones to full integration between SAP and Microsoft and the products born from this relationship:


There are three options available when considering integration and modernization for your SAP and Microsoft platforms (depending on your specific environment):

  • If you currently use Office or, Office 365 (Excel, Word, Outlook) / SharePoint and SAP ECC are your key platforms then it is best to use SAP Gateway for Microsoft with applications created using Microsoft tools
  • If you are currently a SAP ERP house with no Microsoft investment in Office, O365 or SharePoint you should use SAP Gateway and SAPui5 (Fiori) technologies to improve UI and UX.
  • If you currently have Duet or Duet Enterprise platforms please review our options to migrate to Gateway for Microsoft. Cordis are approved migration specialists to assist you with this task.

The Technology Integration platform – Gateway for Microsoft

True Interoperability between SAP and Microsoft is available ONLY through SAP Gateway for Microsoft (GWM). Gateway for Microsoft is the only jointly supported platform for SAP-Microsoft integration. Similarly, Cordis Solutions are the world’s only partner approved by Microsoft and SAP globally to provide applications, services and support on the Gateway for Microsoft platform.

Cordis Solutions are uniquely qualified in understanding how Gateway for Microsoft works, its deployment requirements, and the delivery of applications harnessing the power of this integration platform for your business.

SAP Gateway for Microsoft
“Cordis Solutions were key resources to ArcelorMittal USA in the success in using SAP Gateway for Microsoft and extremely knowledgeable and professional in their approach and assistance to our team whilst we were developing and implementing our own GWM based solution.”

Manager Corporate IT Systems, ArcelorMittal USA

You can find more information about Gateway for Microsoft in our extensive library here.

Cordis Solutions provide award winning applications built on Gateway for Microsoft (GWM), and helping SAP customers develop their own applications on GWM by providing consultancy, education and training to in-house teams.