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You wouldn’t start a business without evaluating your market, you wouldn’t hire a manager without an interview, and you wouldn’t build a house without a plan. Yet many organizations still launch projects without a discovery phase.

Our Discovery engagements take the form of a 2 – 3 week process. We hold a series of meetings with your key stakeholders to review current known issues, landscape and aspirations. This helps us to formulate a plan that delivers benefits from using Gateway for Microsoft and customised applications according to  your unique requirements.

At the end of the Discovery engagement we present you with a review paper detailing our recommendations as part of a wrap up session. You then have a choice of how to proceed;

  • Begin a full Proof of Concept project
  • Proceed to a full project
  • Engage in an education and training program with your own staff, enabling them to undertake and deliver the recommendations in-house
  • None of the above. 

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for more details and to set up an initial discussion of your requirements.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

“A proof of concept (PoC) or a proof of principle is a realization of a certain method or idea to demonstrate its feasibility, or a demonstration in principle, whose purpose is to verify that some concept or theory has the potential of being used. A proof of concept is usually small and may or may not be complete.”Wikipedia

A PoC integrating Microsoft and SAP with support from Cordis is available when you are still unsure of the optimal route to resolving issues and have a number of options to consider.

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With a strict set of success criteria and a detailed Statement of Work derived from a discovery project, Cordis will work with you to deliver a fully functional application (minor application) to prove the concept within Gateway for Microsoft delivers real, measurable business benefit.

A PoC tends to last 4 – 12 weeks in duration, dependent on project complexity with strict sign-off criteria and fixed scope and delivery dates.

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for more details and to set up an initial discussion on your requirements.

Education and Training

Education and training

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”Albert Einstein

Cordis Solutions offer training courses and bespoke education on Gateway for Microsoft for SAP customers across the world. We have the capacity to provide formal educational (classroom) courses at various locations using our own Cordis Education Systems. Alternatively, we can supply knowledge transfer / training to your technology team on-site using your own systems.

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to learn more about the training options available and to set up an initial discussion about your requirements.


Gateway for Microsoft installation services

Cordis Solutions offer a two to four-week, fixed price service to install a Gateway for Microsoft in your environment. This deployment will be suitable for use as a development platform or for building a Proof of Concept sandbox system. Our install service begins by establishing the pre-requisites for the landscape in question, which will list the technical specifications, access, licences, versions and resources required.

The actual timescales and effort required to complete the installation will rely heavily on your IT team’s knowledge and availability.

SAP Getaway for Microsoft diagram

Cordis personnel will work closely with your team to ensure knowledge transfer and understanding of how the various components within Gateway for Microsoft are installed and interact with their environment. At the end of the engagement the technical installation will be completed and handed-over with a full set of documentation.

Steps include:

  • Installation of Gateway for Microsoft in a single landscape.
  • Pre-requisites for installation will be identified and detailed for future deployments.
  • Two to four weeks fixed price project for installation will be detailed.
  • Cordis will provide all the required GWM expertise from our internal team.
  • Client will take responsibility for network, empty systems, access, connectivity and other peripheral items.
  • Ensuring the platform adheres to SAP and Microsoft guidelines

At the end of project timeframe, your Gateway for Microsoft landscape is installed and ready to use.

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for more details and to set up an initial discussion on installing Gateway for Microsoft in your environment.

Business Process Optimisation

Business Process optimization diagram

Cordis has helped a number of organizations transform their business processes and systems in HR, Procurement and Finance to become more effective and efficient, delivering tangible returns of investment.

By using technology as a lever and simplifying SAP processes with “easy to use” user interfaces (UI) that are designed to guide users through a more effective process experience, we are able to help your business become more efficient. Cordis Solutions allow transformation to take place with reduced or no change management effort to minimize your disruption and costs.

We take the opportunity to refine business process and use the available technology to support the changing “working habits” expectations of your employees. The 21st Century employee’s expectation are very different to the environment in place when your systems were initially implemented. We help you successfully accommodate these changes ensuring the ongoing suitability of SAP systems.

We have been recognised by our partners and the industry for pushing boundaries to simplify and improve the interaction between “people, process and technology”. We will continue to push boundaries through our active partnerships with SAP and Microsoft to shape the modernisation and integration platforms now available:

  • Gateway for Microsoft
  • SAPui5/Fiori
  • Gateway

Our expertise and applications have been used to:

  • Optimise Shared Service Centres
  • Improve and enable self service
  • Help organizations focus on exception management vs. transaction management
  • Improve compliance, control, efficiency and productivity
  • Improve collaboration and visibility

Cordis Solutions clients operate across a wide variety of industry sectors:

  • Government organizations
  • Local government
  • Transport services
  • Financial services
  • Air and defence manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Information services
  • Consumer products

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for more details about how Cordis can use SAP and Microsoft tools to optimise your business processes.

Moving SAP Customers with Duet Enterprise onto GWM

Cordis Solutions developed a number of award winning applications on the Duet Enterprise platform back in 2011, and are certified experts in the platform and its supporting technologies. Because Duet Enterprise is no longer available (and will shortly be declared officially end of life) we have created a migration path for customers who need to modernize their applications using Gateway for Microsoft.

Duet enterprise to getaway for microsoft

As the acknowledged experts in the Duet Enterprise platform Cordis Solutions can help existing Duet Enterprise Customers onto a path to SAP Gateway for Microsoft adoption. We are experts in both technologies and we can safely transition SAP customers to the new platform, and minimize effort and disruption throughout the process.

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for more details about how Cordis Solutions can help your business make the transition to SAP Gateway for Microsoft.