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About us

Easy, elegant interoperability solutions – your gateway to increased efficiency and productivity

Cordis Solutions is committed to helping customers release more value from their SAP ERP investments. Our software enhances inter-operability by combining the raw power of SAP with the simplicity of Microsoft Productivity Tools, to access, change, reject and review important information from across the enterprise. We empower clients to capture and use the data that drives their business forward.

Every Cordis application is founded on the principle of ‘easy’ – easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to manage. Intuitive software accelerates productivity and end user adoption, integrating line-of-business applications, and ensuring key data is captured quickly and efficiently.

As global partners of SAP and Microsoft, Cordis Solutions is a recognised provider of enterprise-class applications that facilitate business transformation. In fact we are the world’s only provider of packaged applications, services and support for the SAP Gateway for Microsoft technology platform the only platform to be approved by both SAP and Microsoft.

The key benefits of working with Cordis Solutions are:

1. SAP Simplified

Accurate and timely information is the lifeblood of your SAP ERP system. But first you must capture it.

Our products use the familiarity of Microsoft Productivity Tools to streamline the data entry process, so employees can supply key information without needing any additional training. And it works – Cordis customers have reported 95% adoption in just 3 weeks.

2. Easier Resource Planning

When users are able to input data quickly and easily, your SAP information becomes instantly more accurate and valuable. Microsoft Productivity Tools make it easier for the user to interact

As data quality improves, users become empowered and the more effective your strategic business plans become. Your data errors can be significantly reduced, flexibility enhanced and compliance maintained.

3. Mobility with compliance

Business users are increasingly mobile and Cordis customers have access to SAP tasks and applications from any device at any time. 

They can approve tasks for any SAP application, including Ariba and SuccessFactors. Non-SAP applications such as Salesforce approvals are also available through the same mobile application.

4. Shortened deployment cycles

Unlike other SAP solutions developers, Cordis Solutions offer a range of ready-to-go applications that slot into your existing ERP environment. Pre-packaged applications allow you to significantly reduce costs and deployment timeframes, so that return on investment can be achieved more quickly.

5. Trusted software applications

Cordis Solutions are the world’s only vendor of pre-packaged SAP applications built using the Gateway for Microsoft platform; the only platform jointly certified by both SAP and Microsoft. Cordis is both a SAP software solution and technology partner, and a Microsoft Development Partner, so all of our applications are tried, tested and approved.

And we have a proven track record in driving business transformation for our customers, click here to read a case study.