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myMasterData harnesses the power of Microsoft Productivity Tools (specifically Excel) to collect, update, change and delete data.  Unlike most 3rd party applications
currently available, myMasterData maintains complete compliance and control as
data never leaves your SAP system.

myMasterData allows changes to be written into SAP’s master data records without users having to understand the multitude of data fields and their sometimes incomprehensible nomenclature. Managers can set up distinct data sets to be read from and written in, ensuring little or no staff error when making changes to precious, mission-critical data.

Improve market leadership by optimising operational processes and customer responsiveness. 

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myMasterData Key Features

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Reduce costs by over 33%

Improve efficiency of material master data management processes

Centralize governance and approval processes, leading to reduction in errors

Help simplify a complex process and improve control and compliance 

Ensure that the correct people are engaged in the process and thus improve collaboration and accuracy 

Achieve compatibility with Azure cloud platform

Have an intuitive and easy to use application