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Cordis Solutions & myCloudDoor successfully deploy myMasterData into Adveo Group

London, United Kingdom, April 4, 2017 – Cordis Solutions and their partner in Spain, myCloudDoor are delighted to announce the successful deployment of Cordis Solutions’s myMasterData application into the Adveo Group.

Adveo as a pioneer in their industry wished to improve their market leadership by optimising operational costs based on collaborative processes, User Experience and the use of optimal cloud technology platforms.



With the deployment by myCloudDoor in conjunction with Cordi’s professional services of Cordis’s myMasterData, Adveo achieved unheard of levels of efficiency in their material management process:

Centralised governance and approval processes leading to a reduction in errors.
The MasterData management process was reduced from 2 – 3 days to 2 – 3 hours.
Considerable cost reductions over standard deployments together with an unparalleled agility to start new projects.
No costly traditional hardware and platform provisioning processes as well as avoiding lengthy and inaccurate capacity planning.

Notable benefits of collaboration between Adveo, myCloudDoor & Cordis Solutions are:Notable benefits of collaboration between Adveo, myCloudDoor & Cordis Solutions are:

  • TCO savings up to 33%
  • IT landscape provisioned automatically
  • IT landscape scalable depending on usage, pay per use
  • Cost & Risks known upfront

About Cordis Solutions

As a global partner of SAP and Microsoft, Cordis Solutions is a recognised provider of enterprise-class solutions that facilitate business transformation. Cordis’ software enhances interoperability by combining and simplifying the raw power of SAP with the simplicity of Microsoft, to access important information from across the enterprise. Cordis Solutions empowers companies to capture and use the data that drives their business forward.

About Adveo

Adveo is the leading company in Europe, specialised in the wholesale distribution of material and comprehensive solutions for different working and teaching environments. With a team of over 1,200 professionals, Adveo offers more than 17,000 customer-distributors, across Europe, the best range of products and services through the widest range of brands.

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