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SAP Gateway for Microsoft

“Innovating for your success”

Together, Microsoft and SAP have produced an interoperability solution that empowers your enterprise and increases employee productivity.


SAP Gateway for Microsoft Overview

SAP Gateway for Microsoft is a flexible interoperability framework that you can use to build applications that consume SAP content using the Microsoft technologies that you already know. It extends SAP applications and workloads to all major Microsoft platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Office 2013. For example, you can create a SharePoint App that lets users work with SAP content through SharePoint Online in Office 365. By using SAP Gateway for Microsoft, you can securely integrate an on-premises SAP system with Microsoft technologies via the Microsoft cloud in a nondisruptive, scalable, and sustainable manner, without needing to invest in new hardware. Learn more

SAP Gateway for Microsoft — Quick and Easy access to SAP data

In 3 minutes this video tells a story of “SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator for Microsoft”, an interoperability framework that enables quick and easy creation of solutions that enable business users to access and modify SAP data from familiar Microsoft business productivity tools. Watch SAP Gateway for Microsoft’s video 

SAP Gateway for Microsoft, Product features 10 Minute video

Learn about SAPs latest Microsoft interoperability framework, that enables quick and easy creation of solutions so business users can access and modify (e.g., create, update, deleted) SAP data from familiar Microsoft business productivity tools. In this quick overview Holger Bruchelt will highlight the value and the features of SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator for Microsoft (GWPAM). Watch SAP Gateway for Microsoft video

SAP Gateway for Microsoft – Interoperability

Give your business users easy access to SAP data and processes via their familiar Microsoft applications and technologies – with SAP Gateway for Microsoft. This new framework offers seamless integration and interoperability between your SAP and Microsoft environments, allowing you to engage users, increase productivity, and reduce IT costs. Find out more here


Bringing Together the Worlds of SAP® and Microsoft Technology

SAP® Gateway technology for Microsoft provides a unified platform for integrating Microsoft productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and other Microsoft-based environments. Through the use of this development framework, employees can work with critical business information stored in SAP® Business Suite software, the SAP HANA® platform, the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) application, and other SAP software in a low-cost, highly transparent, and secured approach in a Microsoft environment. Read more