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Automate, mobilise and streamline the approval process of all your business applications to keep operations running smoothly, using familiar web applications and Microsoft Outlook. Help your managers and supervisors improve productivity, control and governance too.

Your business is heavily reliant on a number of established processes and tasks to ensure that strategic and operational goals are met. Although SAP offers powerful workflow tools to assist managers in the approval process, there has not been a single tool available to consolidate them, until now.

myApproval links both SAP and third party systems tasks into a single common interface. By doing so, tasks are less likely to be ‘missed’ and are better managed by the business.

To deliver maximum flexibility, myApproval provides a range of interface options to ensure that tasks can be accessed and completed whenever required. Choose from any combination of SAPui5, web applications and Microsoft Outlook to suit your operational needs.

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To ensure your processes stay on track, myApproval:

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Tasks can be allocated, approved and verified by line managers to provide quality control and confirmation of completion.

Tasks and approvals can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook

Facilitates interoperability between SAP and non-SAP tasks using a single interface so that employees can manage workloads centrally from any desktop or mobile device.

Avoids the creation of yet another silo, by ensuring data remains in SAP or other original host systems.

Key information is highlighted to assist with prioritization and business decision-making.

A web-based dashboard allows any time, any place access to tasks, boosting productivity.